Clare Michigan Used Cars

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Looking for a good deal on Clare Michigan Used Cars?

The press has had a lot of good things to say about American cars in the last year.  Hopefully it’s not to late to save them. While I’m disappointed that cars like the new GM Camaro are being built in Canada rather than the USA it’ better than having them built in Mexico, India or China.

Clare Michigan Used Cars

Take a peek at Clare Michigan Used Cars

If you would like to take a test drive swing by your nearest American owned auto dealer and try out one of the new models or even a slightly used car like the 2009 Buick Lacrosse which has beaten the Lexus in quality,  performance and price.


This is so funny I had to repost it. Cops & Doughnuts in Clare MI

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Clare Michigan - Doughnut Shop for Cops

Clare Michigan - Doughnut Shop for Cops

What began as a crazy idea among police friends is quickly becoming an international phenomenon. There is a doughnut shop and bakery in Clare, Michigan that has been in constant operation since 1896. This foundation business was within weeks of closing when the members of the Clare Police Department came to the rescue. All of them. That’s right, all nine members of the local police department banded together to save this historic business. Dubbed “Cops and Doughnuts,” the business boasts handmade confections of all types. Join us for a warm fresh doughnut and a steaming cup of coffee while you enjoy the police decor and friendly, and very safe, atmosphere. Come and see the new store in Clare that everyone is talking about.

The newly renamed bakery opened Wednesday, offering doughnuts, cookies, muffins, brownies and bread. It also has mugs and T-shirts bearing the “Cops & Doughnuts, 100 Percent Cop-Owned” logo, and phrases including “You Have the Right to Remain Glazed” and “Handcuffs and Cream Puffs.”

Officer Al White says the officers were concerned when the Clare City Bakery’s owners decided to throw in the towel. The 113-year-old bakery would have become the sixth empty storefront in Clare’s three-block downtown.

A picture is worth 1000 words. Clare Michigan “Where the North Begins”

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Clare Michigan - "Where the North Begins"

Clare Michigan - "Where the North Begins"

Location of Clare Michigan.

Welcome to Clare

Welcome to Clare

Welcome to Clare!

Clare Used Cars for Sale

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Clare Used Car Sales Event

Clare Used Car Sales Event

Clare used cars held their massive annual Fall Harvest Used Car Sale last weekend.

Over 50 used cars were sold for rock bottom prices to make way for the new 2010 models.

A live band and food were on hand under the big top for the Sunday event which attracted approximately 250 visitors.

Clare Michigan Used Trucks

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This is classic! These guys and their Michigan used trucks seem to be HAVIN’ A GOOD OLTIME in Clare Michigan.

“Don’t worry we have BEER!”

Clare Michigan Used Trucks – Used Trucks for sale in Clare Michigan –
Clare Michigan Used Cars – Used Cars for sale in Clare Michigan –

My Favorite Clare Buick

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Steven Combs of Clare Michigan is the proud owner of this 1971 Classic Clare Buick

Clare Michigan Buick Riviera

Clare Michigan Buick Riviera

This model was built between 1971 and 1973 with the unique boat tail rear window design. The 1971 Buick Riviera came with everything but the “Finest Corinthian Leather”  The 1971 – 1973 Riviera received praise from all quarters for its elegant styling, not to mention its top-notch performance and luxurious interior.

The 455 engine had a lower compression ratio to meet EPA emissions requirements, reducing power to 255 hp (190 kW) with 265 hp (198 kW) in the Gran Sport. Performance remained reasonably brisk, but the Riviera’s sporty image was rapidly fading. Despite these features, Riviera sales for 1971 dropped to 33,810, the lowest to that time. The 1972 Riviera was little changed, with the 455 engine switching to net power ratings, 225 hp (168 kW) or 250 hp (190 kW) with the Gran Sport, although the actual drop in net power was only 5 hp (3.7 kW). Sales remained moribund at 33,728. For 1973, the 250 hp (186 kW) engine became standard, with 260 hp (190 kW) with the Stage One package, which also included a positive traction rear differential and a chrome-plated air cleaner. The “Gran Sport” package was still available as a separate option package consisting of a ride-and-handling package that included a rear stabilizer bar, J78-15 whitewall steel-belted radial tires, a specially tuned “radial roadability” suspension, additional sound insulation and special “Gran Sport” badging. The 1973 model is also distinguished from the 1972 models in that the rear “boat-tail” is somewhat less pronounced than on the 1972 model, resulting in a flatter rear bumper.

Clare MI Auto Dealerships

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1964 GTO Classic MI Muscle

1964 GTO Classic MI Muscle

If you are looking for an auto dealership in Clare Michigan look no farther than Shaheen Buick, Pontiac, GMC Cadilac.

Whether you are looking to have service performed on your classic 1964 Pontiac GTO or searching for a new GMC Hybrid Truck you can’t beet Shaheen’s great service and selection.

Shaheen GM is a Clare MI Auto Dealership